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Areas of competence and types of documents we are specialized in:


Technical translations

IT : software documentations, user's manuals for hardware products, software instructions

Auto : technical instructions, user's manual, guarantee certificates, licenses, invoices, registration certificates

Industrial : maintenance instructions, fabrication procedures

Electric : product lists, offers, user's manuals, safety measures
Medical : prospects for pharmaceutical products, medical examinations, rapports and medical analysis, analysis rapport, medical cases, diagnosis and treatments


Economic translations

Banking : credit conditions, banking procedures, communications, letters of good standing

Accounting: balances of account, accounting documentations, audit

Financial : tender participation documents, financing cases, leasing

Legal translations

Agreements, certificate, invoices, articles of incorporation, minutes, sentences, power of attorneys, statements



General translations

Marketing :  market researches, presentations, advertisements, offers, flyers, catalogues

  Human resources : characterizations, interviews, applicant documents, questionnaires, Resumes

Tourism :  touristical packages, presentations, touristical destinations, flyers

Personal :  emigration documents, diplomas, criminal records, identification documents, invitations, analytic programs, etc.