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“Asking would not cost you anything, and advice is free of charge ”

Our charges are negotiableas they are settled by mutual agreement with the client. We can discounts or price increases depending on the following: language, deadline, difficulty of the text and the quantity of work.

Moreover, accepting to collaborate with our company, we can benefit of:

- competitive prices

- fidelity bonuses

- firm agreements or collaborations.

A page is considered as 2000 characters (including spaces) processing the translations. The fees are valid for works of 2 pages or more.

Charges for standard documents

For this type of documents we can have advantageous discounts for you.

Charges for interpretation / translations

For these services, the fees are charges by the hour, undivided. For a favorable settlement, you need to have an appointment.

Processing and printing the translation is included in the fee. For larger quantities, the prices can be negotiated separately.




For translation services from a language into another, you pay the translation from a foreign language into Romanian, then the translation from Romanian language into the foreign language, as it is practically a double translation.

Emergency charge
The emergency charge is of 50% for translations delivered in the same day, but our usual customers, natural and legal persons do not have to pay this charge.

Difficulty charge
For translations with a high difficulty degree we charge a 25% fee, following the negotiations with the client.

Collation charge (text corrections). For collations, the charge is 50% of the prices for translations from/in the respective languages. The client obligation is to have the material already translated on electronic support.


We specify that we not perceive VAT.
For a correct evaluation of the work, we invite you at our headquarters with the documents we want to translate.