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Readiness, professionalism, earnest - for short, the Translation office EUROLEXIC.

Quality is our most important concern and the strongest advantage of your successful business.

We have learnt from our experience that every client is a unique personality and this is the reason why our work is a challenge every time.

EUROLEXIC is a growing company, with a team of professional translators, certified by the Ministry of Justice, who meet our client expectations by:
•  professional translations
•  operatively in settling on real time the translations our clients request, strictly observing the terms mutually agreed
•  competence, irreproachably quality and seriousness in providing our translation services.


Our translators have competence for a certain area of activity: legal translations, financial and banking translations, technical translations, economic translations, medical translations, IT translations, etc.

Our translation services are preferred mostly by Notary's office, law offices, banking institutions, insurance companies, public institutions, private companies, as well as by natural persons within the country and abroad.

Confidentiality of personal data and documents received for translation is a moral and legal obligation of our company.

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